Westword Best of Denver 2004
Best Development on Colfax,
Original Downtown Aurora Arts District, Medici Communities

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Medici CommunitiesMedici Communities, LLC.

Medici Communities

There are housing developers, and then there are community developers. There is a difference. Building affordable housing units is one thing, but building with a true commitment to the people who will live in those homes is what sets Medici Communities apart from the traditional developer.

The commitment to improving neighborhoods while instilling a true sense of community is the cornerstone of each project Medici Communities undertakes.

Whether it is nurturing a changing arts district or identifying the need for new and better resources for senior residents, Medici Communities sees far beyond the boundaries of the property to engage citizens and partners to improve the places we all work and live.

Medici Communities

Medici Communities, LLC.Medici Communities, LLC.

Medici Communities, LLC.
Medici Communities, LLC.