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With an impeccable reputation for providing economical and artful affordable housing, Medici Communities has cemented several key partnerships in both the public and private sectors that will continue to benefit neighborhoods — and neighbors — city-wide for decades to come.

Who is Medici Communities

Founded in 2002, Medici Communities was built upon the foundation of improving and reawakening neighborhoods by building projects that enhance the communities they serve. See who Medici Communities is partnering with. See Medici Communities awards and recognition.

Troy Gladwell, Founder and Principal

Troy Gladwell has more than twenty years of experience in the construction and development industry. With his passionate commitment to affordable housing and community participation, Troy is actively involved with a variety of community-enhancing affiliations. He is a past Co-Chairman of the Colorado Lt. Governor's Affordable Housing Task Force, past Board Chairman of the Colorado Affordable Housing partnership and current Co-Chair of Hope Communities.

At Medici, Troy Gladwell is responsible for leading project participants through a process of creative design and problem solving to arrive at sustainable community solutions.

Shannon Sperry, Project Manager

Shannon Sperry has been working in the construction and development industry for over 15 years. Shannon began his career in the public sector working closely with other municipalities and non-profit organizations and brings that experience to Medici Communities to help forward its principles of quality development with high levels of public benefit. Shannon holds general contractor licenses throughout Colorado.

Medici Communities, LLC.Medici Communities, LLC.

Medici Communities, LLC.
Medici Communities, LLC.